Our Projects

  • Climate Information for Mahaweli River Basin Management (2000-to date We collaborated with the International Research Institute for climate and society (IRI) and the Mahaweli Authority to identify the potential use of seasonal climate information for water resource and environmental management.
  • Climate Change and Variability and Tea and Coconut Plantations in Sri Lanka (2002 – 2006 ) We collaborated with the Tea and Coconut Research Institutes and the Department of Meteorology supported by the SysTem for Analysis, Research and Training through the Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science.
  • Climate Variability and Rice Production in Sri Lanka (2000 )We showed a relationship between rice production in Sri Lanka and El Nino and investigated the El Nino of 2002.
  • Climate and Human-Elephant Conflict (2001 – 2004 )We identified the climate influences on human elephant conflict. This effort was funded by the IRI.
  • Climate and Natural Disaster Risk (2002 – 2005) The risks posed by multiple natural hazards (droughts, floods, landslides, cyclones) in Sri Lanka were identified. This effort was funded by the World Bank and IRI.
  • Malaria Risk Mapping and Early Warning Systems (2003 – 2007 ) We contributed to a project on climate and malaria in Sri Lanka in collaboration with the IRI, IWMI and other partners to develop an early warning system for malaria risk in the Uva Province. Funded by the NOAA.
  • Assessing drought and enabling adaptation through rainwater harvesting at Idamelanda (2007-2009) Scarcity assessments climate analysis was developed to support Rain Water Harvesting policy, design and operations in Hanguranketha. Funded by the Provention Consortium.
  • Assessing predictability of seasonal rainfall in the Kelani river basin in Sri Lanka (2007 –to date) We have demonstrated the potential of using El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) tele-connections with Sri Lankan climate to provide predictions of seasonal rainfall and streamflow for its major basins. Funded by the International Foundation for Science.
  • Launching a Masters in Sustainable Development Practice at the University of Peradeniya (2009-2011) We shall support courses related to environmental science and technology through research support and guidance, and field placement for student internship and curriculum development. Funded by MacArthur Foundation, USA.
  • ENSO Impacts on Cereals in Sri Lanka (2010) We shall assess the impact of ENSO on Rice by region in Sri Lanka. Funded by FAO through University of Philiphines
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