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Heavy monsoon clouds advance on Sri Lanka’s southern coast near Hikkaduwa town

COLOMBO, Aug 20 2013 (IPS) – GuEnter a captionlam Rasul, chief meteorologist at the Pakistan Meteorological Department, was sure early this month that the second leg of the annual monsoon due in the latter half of the month was going to be bad. “Normally it peaks towards late August,” Rasul told IPS.

Even before peaking, the 2013 monsoon has been deadly. By mid-August, floods in Pakistan had killed more than 80 and left over 80,000 stranded, according to the Pakistan Disaster Management Agency.

Rasul says South Asian countries need to treat the monsoon with more respect than they do.

“It is vital for the region, probably the most vital annual weather event, and we need to be better prepared. It is at our risk that we take it lightly,” Rasul said from his office in Islamabad.

The monsoon has been erratic in recent years. Last year the monsoon failed in Sri Lanka, and parts of the country’s northern, eastern and southern regions went through a drought that affected at least 1.2 million people.

This year the monsoon has been above average. Rains have been lashing the country since June, and have so far caused 58 deaths and stranded over 17,000.

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Risk of Extreme Rainfall over Sri Lanka February 5-9, 2011

NOAA ESRL forecasts shows
over 100 mm of rainfall for the next four days.

map six day






Indian Meteorological Departments Regional Model Predictions for the February 5-7th


January 2011: Percent of Normal Rainfall over South Asia


Rainfall over Southern Asia for January 2011

Rainfall over Southern Asia for January 2011

Rainfall over Southern Asia for January 2011
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Flooding in Sri Lanka

Flood Disaster in Sri Lanka

There are reports that the Flooding in Sri Lanka has become the second most damaging natural disaster affecting Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami. The floods have been most devastating in the Eastern coastal zone. The citizen website Groundviews has an updated compilation and mapping of flood impact reports.

Rainfall Estimates  by Sub-Districts

Here are rainfall departures from a 10-year mean estimated from available satellite and ground observations by NOAA/CPC. We have found that these rainfall estimates are good within 25%. The rainfall from the end of December 2010 and January 2011 is mapped below. The rainfall is well above the historical record – the average rainfall expected based on a 140 years of record  for all of Sri Lanka during December is about 50-80  mm for 10 days. The  Eastern region usually gets  significantly more rainfall of 70-100 mm.  However, rainfall that has been received is about five fold specially in the Eastern Coastal region from Pottuvil, Batticaloa reaching to Trincomalee.

Rainfall over Sub-Districts over Sri Lanka from January 1 - 10, 2010

Rainfall over Sub-Districts over Sri Lanka from January 1 – 10, 2010

Rainfall over Sub-Districts over Sri Lanka from Dec 20 - 31, 2010

Rainfall over Sub-Districts over Sri Lanka from Dec 20 – 31, 2010

Scale for Rainfall
Scale for Rainfall – going from 0-500 mm for a 10 day total.

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Climate News 7/15

Please find the weekly WMS report here, as well as  a compilation of the weeks headlines on climate and environment matters from Sri Lanka, Asia and the World. We hope you find this useful.

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MacArthur Awards Announcement

MacArthur Foundation, USA will fund the University of Peradeniya to offer an MDP program with a focus on sustainable development challenges in South Asia, emphasizing tropical coastal areas and small islands. The University will collaborate with the International Research Institute for Climate and Society at Columbia University, University of California, Davis, and the Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology, among others. Field training will take place in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Read more here about MacArthur Foundation’s Awards to Support New Master’s Programs to Train Sustainable Development Leaders Around the World.

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Weather and Climate shapes lives, livelihoods, environment and the economy with pervasive impact. The Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology takes advantage of advances in weather and environmental prediction technologies, advances in computing, satellite imaging and communication technologies towards developing useable scientific and technological information that can be applied in diverse sectors in Sri Lanka. We also  specialize in the areas of information technology, publishing and engineering for sustainable development in addition to climate. We work with partners in government institutions,research institutes and universities.

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